Developing next-generation devices to lift the burden of heart failure.





Developing next-generation devices
to lift the burden of heart failure


Rethinking Treatment of Heart Failure


Left Atrial Pressure:
A novel therapeutic target.

Heart failure accounts for over 1 million hospitalizations each year and over $35B in direct annual costs. As our population ages, the disease burden is expected to rise dramatically.

At Alleviant Medical, we're developing a minimally-invasive, transcatheter device to treat congestive heart failure by targeting pressure buildup within the left atrium — the key driver of heart failure symptoms.

Our proprietary technology is intended to create a paradigm-shift in the treatment of heart failure by relieving patient symptoms, improving quality of life, and reducing hospital readmissions for over 6 million Americans currently suffering from this condition.


Meet Our Team

We combine over 30 years of experience in healthcare, technology, and design.



The Alleviant Medical team is a dynamic group of co-founders and innovators committed to developing a transformative technology that will enable heart failure patients to get the right care at the right time.

Jacob Kriegel, MD

Chief Executive Officer

Avni Patel, ME

Chief Operating Officer

Alex Arevalos, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Albertien Greijdanus, MS

Chief Commercial Officer


Scientific / Technical Advisory Board

Our advisors bring relevant clinical and industry expertise as prominent thought leaders in the fields of interventional cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, and medical devices to guide the development of our proprietary technology.

Martin Leon, MD

Director, Center for Interventional Vascular Therapy, Columbia University Medical Center

Colin Barker, MD

Interventional Cardiologist, DeBakey Heart & Vascular Center, Houston Methodist Hospital

Billy Cohn, MD

VP of Medical Devices & Director, Center for Device Innovation, Johnson & Johnson


Ashok Gowda, PhD

Founder & COO, Visualase (acquired by Medtronic); President & CEO, Biotex

Eric Richardson, PhD

Former Principal R&D Engineer, Structural Heart, Medtronic; BME Faculty, Duke University


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